Review: LED Bike lights 550LM, 4 light modes, Easy to Mount Headlight front bike light with Back Tail light (2 USB cable)

Review: LED Bike lights 550LM, 4 light modes
  • Brightness
  • Durability


LED Bike lights 550LM

The good

  • Rainproof (survived several London pouring rain sessions!)
  • Comes with a rear light
  • It is brighter than other more expensive lights

The bad

  • Rear light is not as rainproof as the front light
  • Front light loses brightness after ~6 months of daily use
User Review
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This light is bright enough to be seen by others and quite useful for not so dark areas. It could work to go through Richmond Park during a winter evening but only as an emergency light. I don’t really believe that this light is a 550 Lumen light as I’ve found other claiming to be 450 lumen and are brighter than this one.

Bike lights and components

Bike Lights 550 lumen

The battery can last up to 2 hours but after 6 months of use the battery starts to deteriorate and the light becomes slightly darker or less bright than it was originally. The rear light is not as durable as the front light but it is also bright.

This light comes with a speaker/klaxon/horn that is actually quite useful but, sadly, after 8 months of almost daily use the speaker stopped working. Probably it’s not bad considering its price but certainly not built to last long.


Front Bike light

Front light 550 lumen

The favourite feature

What I particularly found useful with this light was the speaker, it can be placed close to the drop bars in a road bike it is quite effective making pedestrians and cars aware of your presence. Unlike some other Chinese lights this one comes with a tone that doesn’t completely sound like a toy. It is not a car horn but does the job.

The speaker was is so loud that I honestly had to keep the bell installed not to scare people and seem unfriendly while cycling and just use the speaker in emergencies or when I really needed to.

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