Review: Geonaute Dual ANT+ / BLUETOOTH Heart Rate Monitor
  • Comfort
  • Performance


Dual Ant+ and Bluetooth heart rate monitor for cyclists and runners

The good

  • Washable strap (without sensor!)
  • Dual Bluetooth and ANT+
  • Compatible with Strava App

The bad

  • Strap material might not be as “warm” in winter days as other more expensive heart rate monitors
  • Strap design not as elaborated and pleasant to see as in more expensive brands
User Review
3.24 (45 votes)

I came across the Decathlon Geonaute Dual Ant+ / Blueetooth HR monitor belt after my Garmin Heart Rate Monitor (Premium) stopped working. I tried to bring it back to life by taking the battery out, turn it upside down and keep hold the battery for 10 seconds to reset the heart rate monitor (as people suggested online) but sadly it didn’t work in my case.¬†Frustrated I decided not to spend too much money buying a new one, so, I looked for a HR monitor that also supported bluetooth and that is when I found the Geonaute Dual Ant+ / BT HR monitor.

Some websites suggested that, despite washing the strap, the accumulation of sweat salt builds up over time and might affect the conductive thread woven into the strap. However, after using the Decathlon Geonaute Heart Rate Monitor for a year I stopped seeing this issue happening and so far it has worked just as accurate as my old Garmin HRM but with the advantage of having Bluetooth so that I can use my phone and not necessarily an ANT+ device.

Comparison of Geonaute HR monitor

Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor Strap vs Decathlon’s Geonaute Dual Ant+/BT HR monitor

The design is very similar and the Decathlon’s Geonaute Hear Rate monitor is not too big in comparison to its slightly more expensive competitor. The Geonaute can sync with the strava app and displays your heart rate live so that if you have something in your bike to hold your phone it might be helpful.

If you are a runner then you can easily see this while you run or simply check the summary of your performance at the end of the ride/run by checking on Strava or the phone app.


Comparison of Geonaute HR monitor

Back of the Garmin HR monitor strap (top) vs Back of the Geonaute Dual HR monitor strap (bottom)

The favourite feature

Given that my garmin sensor stopped working properly due to issues with the strap, I was glad to have found that after a year I’ve had no issues with the Geonaute’s strap or sensor.

This side by side comparison shows the difference between the Garmin and Geonaute version. One difference that can easily be seen is the material of the strap of the Geonaute which doesn’t seem as “premium” as the Garmin’s. However, the Geonaute is practical, 100% machine washable, fit for purpose for amateur and not so amateur cyclists and you can start measuring your heart rate while cycling or running.

Although power meters are probably preferred, HR monitors in general, can help to identify the training zones and see if there’s improvement in your performance.

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